Vintage Clothes Gifts

If you are looking for a gift that is special and unique to give for the holidays, as a thank you, for a birthday, or maybe to a bride-to-be, vintage is a great source.

Since sizing can be tricky, sticking to fabulous vintage accessories will make your gift guaranteed to please.


Brooches, necklaces, rings and costume jewellery from any decade can make amazing gifts! There are endless possibilities, styles, and price ranges that make giving vintage jewellery a wonderful gift. Just be aware of the recipient’s style and make sure that the item is in very good condition. Giving a gift that is damaged or unusable is bad form no matter how old it is.


Similar to jewellery, vintage scarves make great gifts because there are so many unique styles to choose from. Don’t be fooled by these small pieces of fabric however, depending on the designer and age, then can cost a pretty penny.


Gift recipients of either sex can appreciate a pair of one of a kind vintage sunglasses. Most modern styles are copies of vintage sunglasses, so why not get the real thing? Dead stock sunglasses would be ideal because the lenses would be in perfect condition. There are eBay sellers that specialise in dead stock vintage sunglasses that you won’t see anywhere else.


Real leather, sturdy construction, and high quality details make vintage handbags such a unique gift. In days when women couldn’t afford to get a new Coach bag every few months, handbags were made well enough to withstand a lot of wear. Simple handbags in classic colours and shapes can make a great addition to any woman’s contemporary wardrobe.


Men can get vintage gifts too, and a vintage necktie could be the perfect gift for a man in your life. There have been quite a few tie trends over the years, but certain styles may not be current or fit into a man’s wardrobe. Try to stick with classic patterns and colours, and look for fine silks or designer labels to make the gift more special than an average tie.

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