The way we wore

There are few vintage gurus that hold a lot of responsibly for helping vintage get into the mainstream, and they did it by getting big names into perfect vintage, showing just how fabulous it is. The Way We Wore’s owner Doris Raymond is one of those vintage gurus.In the business for more than 30 years, Raymond dresses stars for the screen and the red carpet, as both a retailer and curator/collector. Her 100,000 piece collection and textile library is an invaluable source of inspiration for costume and fashion designers.

The Way We Wore is a stunning Hollywood glam vintage shop with white patent leather tufted walls, leopard print carpet, and a gold lame ceiling. It looks like what I imagine the boudoir of Jean Harlow was like, but on steroids. There is moderate to high end vintage on the first floor, and ultra, super, high end, designer vintage on the second floor.

Despite this high end status and being visited by stylists, celebrities and designers weekly, you won’t get thecold shoulder here. Raymond’s knowledge of vintage is sprung out of what she learned while thrift shopping at a young age. She deeply understands the love of clothes and value of details and craftsmanship. A window shopper would never be denied the experience of seeing these things first hand. The staff is friendly and helpful regardless of whether you can buy a $2,000 dress or not.

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