Costumes from Vintage Clothes

If you’re stumped about what to wear for Halloween this year, the answer may be as easy as a trip to your local vintage clothes shop.
Vintage clothes make great costumes because they are original to the time period and best of all they are more comfortable because they are real clothes!

You can also look for vintage clothes that embody the style and zeitgeist of a particular decade. Some iconic looks and people from the 20th Century that make great costumes:


Flapper (drop waist dress, short hair with a cloche or headband
Gangster (full suit with fedora and a tommy gun or violin case)


Jazz Man/Swing Kid (Zoot Suit, long pocket watch, hat, and cane)
Bonnie and Clyde (high trousers, suit jacket and fedora hat for Clyde, depression era dress, trench coat, and beret for Bonnie)


Carmen Miranda(tropical print sarong, bathing suit or halter top, espadrilles; lots of ruffles, fringe, pom-poms, and fake fruit)


Greaser Boy – Elvis, James Dean, etc. (dark denim with rolled cuffs, tee shirt with rolled sleeves, boots, leather motorcycle jacket)
Greaser Girl (tight stovepipe pants, tight boatneck shirt, scarf, high heals, leather jacket)
Doris Day/Sandra Dee (circle skirt, petticoat, cardigan, saddle shoes)


Mod/Go-Go/Twiggy (shift dress, opaque tights, patent leather accessories, heavy eye makeup)
Hippie (bell bottom jeans, headbands, loose flowing shirts, fringe)

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